III Russian Congress “Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases” (Third RUCTRIMS Congress)

Ekaterinburg 14-16 September 2018
Registration opens on September 14 at 08.00

First Day 14th of September, Friday

9.00-12.00 Teaching Courses
Halls A+B

  • 9.00-10.00
    • Hall A 1. Current features of MS clinic (MS in children and in the elderly, management of patients in the reproductive period, pregnancy and childbirth during MS)
      Chairs –O.V. Bykova (Moscow), M. Houtchens (USA), E.V. Popova (Moscow)
    • Hall B 2. Pathogenesis of MS (epidemiology and genetics of MS, immunopathogenesis of MS, immunomodulation)
      Chairs –M.N. Zakharova (Moscow), A.M. Petrov (St. Petersburg), I.D. Stolyarov (St. Petersburg)
  • 10.00-11.00
    • Hall A 3. MRI in MS
      Chairs – V.V. Briuchov (Moscow), L.N. Prachova (St. Petersburg), K. Balashov (USA)
    • Hall B 4. Neuroopticomietilis (NOM) and NOM-spectrum diseases
      Chairs – N.A.Malkova (Novosibirsk), T.O. Simanim (Moscow), N.A. Totoliyan (St. Petersburg)
  • 11.00-12.00
    • Hall A 5. DMT in MS
      Chairs – A.N. Belova (Nizhniy Novgorod), N.N. Spirin (Yaroslavl), E.V. Popova (Moscow)
    • Hall B 6. Symptomatic treatment and rehabilitation in MS
      Chairs –S.A. Sivertseva (Tyumen), V.M. Alifirova (Tomsk), E.V. Kostenko (Moscow)

  • Lunch Break 12:00-13:00

  • Hall A+B 13.00-14.00
    • Satellite Symposium (D&D-Janssen)
      “Data of real clinical practice in the therapy of MS: Pro et Contra”
      Chais: N. A. Totolyan, T.E. Schmidt, E.V. Popova
      • • Is there an alternative to randomized clinical trials? - Totolian N. A.
      • • Real clinical practice: world experience - Schmidt T.E.
      • • Real clinical practice in Russia through the prism of world experience - Popova E.V.
  • Зал В 14.00-15.00
    • Satellite Symposium (D&D-Janssen)
      “Choice of the treatment strategy in patients with suboptimal response and aggressive MS. Demonstration of clinical cases”
      Chairman: A.N. Boyko
      • • Case 1. Aggressive course of MS in the onset of the disease - Popov E.V. & Briuchov V.V.
      • • Case 2. Suboptimal response to "1st line" therapy - Popova E. V. & Briuchov V.V

  • Coffee Break 15:00-15:30

  • Hall A 15:30-16:30
    • Round Table Discussion: "Organization of medical care for MS patients, receiving infusion of DMT by subsidized programs: experience exchange" (with the All-Russian Organization of MS patients)
      Chairs: Y.V. Vlasov, A.N. Boyko
      • • Organization of assistance to patients with MS at the present stage – Y.V. Vlasov, President of the All-Russian Organization of MS patients
      • • The state of the MS-care service and its recent development at the Sverdlovsk region. Advanced regional experiences in routing patients receiving infusion of DMT – Alashaev A. M., Chief Neurologist of the Sverdlovsk Region
      • • Regional experience the use of DMT covered by the State Program – Tretyakov D.A., Deputy Director for Medical Expertize of the TMHIF of the Sverdlovsk region
      • • Methods of coving the cost of DMT infusions – Zheleznyakova I. A.
  • Hall B 16.30-17.30
    • Satellite Symposium (Roche)
      “Experience exchange of the use of ocrelizumab in clinical practice”
      Chairs: А.N. Boyko, М.N. Zakharova, L.I. Volkova
      • • Anti-B-cell therapy in real clinical practice – Volkova L.I.
      • • Clinical cases - ocrelizumab in MS with relapses - Greshnova I.V., Goncharova Z.A., Trushnikova T.N.
      • • Clinical cases – ocrelizumab in PPMS - Boyko O.V., Velmeykin S.B.
  • Hall А+В 17.30-18.00
    • Master-class «Color therapy in MS»
      Chair: М.Е.Guseva

Second Day 15th of September

  • Hall А+B 08.30-10.00
    • Satellite Symposium (Sanofi)
      “Treatment of highly active multiple sclerosis. Russian and International experience”
      Chairs: Boyko A.N., Volkova L.I.
      • • Therapeutic approaches in highly active multiple sclerosis treatment. International experience
      • • Treatment of highly active multiple sclerosis. Russian experience – Sivertseva SA, Popova EV
      • • Implementation of Risk Management Plan for Alemtuzumab therapy in Russia” –Zakharova MN.
  • Hall А+B 10.00-11.30
    • Welcome Address and 1st Plenary Session
      Current understanding of the problem of demyelinating diseases
      • 1. Welcome
        (from Ministery of Health of Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences, All-Russian Society of Neurologists, Ministry of Health of the Sverdlovsk region, Ural state medical University, Sverdlovsk regional Clinical Hospital, WFN, EAN, AAN, ECTRIMS, ACTRIMS, PACTRIMS, European Charcot Foundation)
      • 2. Molecular and cell biology of MS - Boyko A.N.
      • 3. Organization of MS care in Ural Region – Volkova L.I.
      • 4. Matching therapy and disease stage in MS - Antel J. (Canada)
      • 5. Induction in current MS therapy - Freedman M. (Canada)
      • 6. Open questions in MS care - Miller A. (Israel)

  • Lunch Break 11:30-12:30

Parallel Sessions.

  • Hall А 12.30-14.00

    Sessions 1. Epidemiology of demyelinating diseases, environmental and genetic risk factors of MS
    Chairs: S.A. Sivertseva, Z.A. Goncharova, К.Z. Bakhtiyrova

    • 1. The distribution of multiple sclerosis - Granieri E. (Italy)
    • 2. MS epidemiology in MENA region: both genetic and environment matter - Gouider R. (Tunis)
    • 3. Epidemiological features of MS in the South of the European part of Russia - Goncharova Z.A., Pogrebnov Y.Y., Uzhakhov R.M. (Rostov-on-Don)
    • 4. Epidemiology of MS in the Tyumen region and other regions of Siberia - Sivertseva S.A. (Tyumen)
    • 5. Epidemiology and molecular genetic features of MS in the Republic of Bashkortostan - Bakhtiyarova K.Z. (Ufa)
    • 6. Role of microRNA in the pathogenesis of MS - Kulakova O.G., Boyko A.N., Favorova O.O. (Moscow)
  • Hall В 12.30-14.00

    2. New aspects of clinical course and methods of diagnosis
    Chairs: N.A. Malkova, O.O. Bykova, L.N. Prachova

    • 1. Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis: from diagnosis to treatment - Ghezzi А. (Italy)
    • 2. MS and NMOSD in pediatric population - Hintzen R. (Netherlands)
    • 3. Differential diagnosis and treatment of demyelinating diseases in children, Russian experience - Bykova O.V. (Moscow)
    • 4. Clinic and molecular genetic of PPMS in the Russian population - Popova E.V. and coauthors (from 15 cities of Russia)
    • 5. Possible risk factors for the transition from RIS to MS - Korobko D.S., Malkova N.A., Vergunova I.Y., Bulatova E.V. (Novosibirsk)
    • 6. Sclerosis Ballo - Novoselova O.M., Ilves A.G., Lebedev V.M., Savintseva Z.I., Prachova L.N. (St. Petersburg)
  • Hall А 14:00-16.30

    Sessions 3. News in MS pathogenesis
    Chairs: I.D. Stoliarov, N.A. Totoliyan, N.N. Spirin

    • 1. Immunopathogenesis of MS - Antel J. (Canada)
    • 2. Pathology of MS: from relapses to progression – Brück W. (Germany)
    • 3. Update on Sex Hormones and Multiple Sclerosis - Houtchens M. (USA)
    • 4. Gut microbiota in MS, data of population-based studies – Stoliarov I.D., Abdurasulova I.N., Nikiforova I.G., Kozieva M.X., Boyko A.N., Kabiliv M.R. and co-authors (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk)
    • 5. Dendritic cells and psychoneuroimmunology RS - Melnikov M.V., Pashchenky M.V., Boyko A.N. (Moscow)
    • 6. T-and B-lymphocytes in MS and NOM - Totoliyan N.A. (St. Petersburg)
    • 1. Immunological changes in cerebrospinal fluid of MS patients - Ilves A.G., Kudryavtsev I.V., Serebryakova M.K., Novoselova O.M., Rubanik K.S., Prachova L.N. (St. Petersburg)
    • 8. Prediction of MS exacerbations - Kasatkin D.S., Spirin N.N. (Yaroslavl, with support from D&D- Janssen)
    • 9. Identifying of new candidates for biomarkers and definition of the role in the pathogenesis of MS - Sushentseva N.N., Upalco S.V., Agatina A.S., Volodina S.T., Sarana A.M., Shcherbak S.G. (St.Petersburg & Sestroretsk)
    • 10. Spectrum of antibodies in MS and their clinical significance - Spirin N.N., Kisileva E.V., Kasatkin D.S., Shipova E.G. (Yaroslavl)
  • Hall В 14:00-16:30

    Sessions 4. Differential diagnosis of demyelinating diseases
    Chairs: A.N. Boyko, V.M. Alifirova, T.E. Schmidt

    • 1. New MS diagnostic criteria - Vermersch P. (France)
    • 2. NMO Spectrum Disorders: an update - Fujihara K. (Japan) -
    • 3. Advances in imaging of patients with MS - Zivadinov R. (USA)
    • 4. The differential diagnosis within the MS Spectrum” (RIS, MS variants and NMOSD) - Siva A. (Turkey)
    • 5. Biomarkers in MS clinical practice: challenges in validation and application - Grigoriadis N. (Greece)
    • 6. Neuroimaging in NMOSD and other MS mimics - Balashov K. (USA)
    • 7. MRI in the assessment of the efficacy and safety of DMT - Briuchov V.V. (Moscow, with support from D&D- Janssen)
    • 8. Differential diagnosis MS and CADASIL syndrome - Khoroshilova A.I., Boyko O.V., Starikch E.P., Petrov S.V., Boyko A.N. (Moscow)
    • 9. Susak Syndrome - Vergunova U.W., Malkova N.A. (Novosibirsk)
    • 10. CLIPPERS Syndrome - Sivertseva S.A. (Tyumen)

  • Coffee Break 16:30-17:00

  • Hall А 17:00-18:00
    • Satellite Symposium (Merck)
      “Immunosupression and reconstitution in MS”
      Chairs: A.N. Boyko, H-P. Hartung (Germany)
      • • Current conception of MS pathogenesis - Melnikov MV
      • • Immunomodulation vs immunosuppression, benefits and risks of chronic immunosuppression – Boyko A.N.
      • • Immune reconstitution therapy as a new approach in relapsing MS treatment - Hartung H-P. (Germany)
  • Hall В 18:00-19:00
    • Satellite Symposium (Roche)
      “The place for anti-B-cells therapy in MS treatment”
      Chairs: A.N. Boyko, P. Vermersсh (France), T.E. Schmidt
      • • Mechanisms of action of anti-CD20+ therapy in MS - Schmidt Т.Е.
      • • European experience in anti-B-cell therapy in MS – Vermersсh P. (France)
      • • Longitudinal results of anti-B-cell therapy in MS – Boyko A.N.

  • 20.00 Networking Event

Third Day 16th of September, Sunday

  • Hall А+B 09:00-10:00
    • Satellite Symposium (Generium)
      “Long-term efficacy and safety of the therapy with high-dose interferons-beta”
      Chairs: A.N. Boyko, N.А. Totoliyan
      • • Place of interferons in current treatment of MS – Volkov A.I.
      • • Secondary progressive MS: focus on high-dose interferons - Kasatkin D.S.
      • • Planning pregnancy and childbirth in patients with MS - Popova Е.V.
  • Hall А+B 10:00-11:30
    • 2nd Plenary Session
      Possibility of immunomodulation, immunosuppression, neuroprotection and remyelinating in MS
      Chairs: M.N. Zakharova, А.N. Boyko, N.N. Spirin
      • 1. Progressive MS – Clinical features, pathogenesis and treatment options - Hartung H-P. (Germany)
      • 2. Challenges in remyelination process and strategies for neuroprotection in MS - Grigoriadis N. (Greece)
      • 3. European recommendations on MS therapy - Montalban X. (Spain)
      • 4. Pathogenic approaches to the treatment of MS - Zakharova M.N. (Moscow)
      • 5. Russian recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of MS - Spirin N.N. (Yaroslavl), Boyko A.N. (Moscow), Gusev E.I. (Moscow) and coauthors.
      • 6. Experience of using teriflunomide in real clinical practice - Belskaya G.N. (Chelyabinsk, , with support from Sanofi)

  • Coffee Break 11:30-12:30

  • Hall А+B 12:30-14:00
    • Satellite Symposium (Biocad)
      “Injectable first line DMT in current MS therapy”
      Chairs: A.N. Boyko, N.N. Spirin, T.E. Schmidt
      • • GA influence on Th17-dependent immune response in MS - Melnikov M.V.
      • • Safety and efficacy of Timexon: results of clinical studies - Kasatkin D.S.
      • • Experience in the use of Timexon in clinical practice - Sazonov D.V.
      • • Beta interferon in therapy of MS: reality and possible perspectives - Popova E.V.
  • Hall А+B 14.00-15.30
    • European Charcot Foundation Symposium
      “How to optimize in treatment and enhancing recovery”
      Chairs: G. Comi (Italy), A.N. Boyko
      • 1. Overview of disease modifying treatments - Hartung H-P. (Germany)
      • 2. Treatment algorithms - Edan G. (France)
      • 3. Monitoring MS treatment – Boyko A.N.
      • 4. Neuroprotection and repair - Comi G. (Italy)

  • Coffee Break 15:30-16:00

СParallel Sessions.

  • Hall А 16:00-18:00

    Sessions 5 & 6 New possibilities of symptomatic therapy and rehabilitation.
    Оrganization of MS care.
    Chairs: T.I. Yakushina, S.А. Sivertseva, Y.V. Vlasov

    • 1. Neurorehabilitation in MS-applied neuroplasticity - Kesselring J. (Switzerland) -
    • 2. Treatment of spasticity, pain, bowel-bladder symptoms in MS - Van Wijmeersch B. (Belgium) -
    • 3. Rehabilitation in MS - Feys P. (Belgium)
    • 4. The experience of rehabilitation of MS patients - Yakushina Т.I., Коtov S.V. (Moscow)
    • 5. The effect of pregnancy on the course of MS - Yamout B. (Lebanon)
    • 6. Burden of Illness Studies: Quality of Life, MS Symptoms, Work capacity, Costs - Kobelt G. (France)
    • 7. The experience of using electronic databases for monitoring of patients with MS - Kochergin I.A., Zakharova M.N. (Moscow)
    • 8. Short communications
      • - Organization of care for patients with MS and other autoimmune diseases of the nervous system in Novosibirsk region – Malkova N.A. (Novosibirsk)
      • - NEUROCOMPAS in MS – Ghezzi A. (Italy)
  • Hall В 16:00-18:00

    Session 7 News in MS therapy
    Chairs: VM Alifirova, GN Bisaga, FA Kchabirov

    • 1. How to optimize treatment and promote recovery - Comi G (Italy)
    • 2. Savety problems of MS therapy - Edan G (France)
    • 3. Use of biosimilars and generics for non-biologic complex drugs in MS – Milo R (Israel)
    • 4. Pharmacogenetic approach to evaluation of the effectiveness of therapy with first - line DMT -Favorova OO (Moscow)
    • 5. Perspectives of metabolic therapy in the treatment of MS - Bisaga GN (St. Petersburg)
    • 6. Tolerability and safety of MS treatment, Russian experience – Stoliarov ID (St. Petersburg)
    • 7. The problem of delayed start of DMT (on example of Tomsk region) - Alifirova VM, Titova MA (Tomsk)
    • 8. Use of biosimilars of beta-interferon in the treatment of MS (experience of Tatarstan) - Khabirov FA (Kazan)

  • Hall A 18:00-19.00 Closing Session, Young Researchers Awards, RUCTRIMS Council Meeting